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We help leaders and organizations develop.


  • Leadership Consulting - DEI/Inclusive leadership

    We offer tailored workshops and consulting with a focus on diversity and inclusive leadership. We help our clients set strategies, goals, and a plan for how to develop their DEI efforts. 

  • Executive coaching

    We support and advise leaders in their development and so that they are successful in their roles. This may include ongoing coaching, serving as advisors or sounding boards in leadership matters, or executive onboarding in connection with a new appointment.

  • Next step

    Do you need support with moving forward in your career? Wes offers career coaching for leaders and senior professionals, which includes assessments and resume review to package their skills, experiences, and strengths in the best way.

  • Second Opinion

    If you have already carried out a recruitment or internal promotion process and need help assessing your final selection, we can assist by providing a second opinion. We conduct a comprehensive review, through in-depth interviews, assessments, and reference and background checks.

  • Leadership development

    We help teams and individuals progress to the next level to reach your goals, including through 360 assessments and feedback, inclusive leadership development, or other specific needs. 

  • Outplacement

    We help companies in transition support their senior leaders when they need to move on in their careers.

Wes x AK leadership strategy consulting

Strategy & Leadership Consulting

In order for companies to achieve their profit and sustainability goals, it's necessary to prioritize diversity and inclusion and take serious steps. Human capital and a successful skills supply, diversity, and inclusive leadership are critical for business success. These issues should be raised to the highest level and require a thorough and long-term strategy. 

Together, Wes and Aaron look forward to revolutionizing the business world and guiding management, boards, and owners in building a roadmap and thinking outside the box when it comes to these issues, not least in order to future-proof their companies. 

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