Wes executive search

Challenging and innovating the recruitment industry

About Wes

Wes was founded in 2011 with the ambition to increase diversity in Swedish and international business. We go beyond the traditional networks and offer a modern, innovative, competence-based, and professional executive recruitment process that provides access to the entire talent pool. We recruit the best candidates for management, executive, and board level positions. 

We are the given partner for companies that, just like us, value modern leadership and an inclusive corporate culture. Wes partners with clients from the business sector, public sector, and non-profit organizations. We also work across a range of different industries. Our customers are established large companies, entrepreneurial companies in the tech and growth arena, but also several investment and venture capital companies. In every process we have carried out, the goal has been the same — to find the right person for the job.

Since 2018, Wes has been part of Ogunsen AB, which is listed on First North Stockholm.

Diversity increases profitability

Increased diversity in management, executive leadership, and boards leads to improved competitiveness, profitability, innovation, and attractiveness in the market for our customers. Since 2011, Wes has recruited over 1,200 leaders, of which 75% are women and 35% have an international background.

A broader perspective

Wes challenges both companies and the executive recruitment industry by looking at the entire range of talent and skills available on the market; always identifying and including the best leaders in every recruitment process.

Making a noticeable difference

Wes has helped hundreds of companies and organizations improve diversity of their managements and boards. We have recruited more than 1,200 leaders to new senior management roles and board positions, of which 75% are women and 35% have an international background. We are constantly working to expand our large network of the market’s strongest leaders who are ready to make a difference, from both large companies and the growth arena.

A new way of working

When looking for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, you can’t use yesterday’s methods. At Wes we go the extra mile. Which is why we have adopted an innovative recruitment process, where we look beyond the traditional networks when searching for and identifying potential candidates. Our modern, innovative, competence based, and professional recruitment process ensures that the market’s best range of candidates are included in each assignment.

Our Vision

Wes’ vision is to actively increase diversity on the Swedish and international markets.