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Executive Search with a special focus on diversity and inclusion

Better balance means better profitability

Wes recruits the very best candidates for management, executive, and board positions — and we specialize in diversity and inclusion. We always go beyond the traditional networks and offer a modern, innovative, competence-based, and professional recruitment process.


Our public assignments

We are the given partner for those companies that, just like us, value modern leadership and an inclusive corporate culture. We work with clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, across a wide range of industries. 

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Diversity is good for business

Wes challenges the traditional recruitment industry. When identifying the leaders of tomorrow, we can't use yesterday's way of working. New knowledge, tools, and methods are needed. Above all, a will to create tangible change is required. Since 2011, we have recruited more than 1,200 leaders through our innovative way of working.

We make a noticeable difference

  • We have recruited more than 1,200 leaders into new senior management and board positions, of which 75% are women and 35% have an international background.
  • With our innovative Executive Search method, we have helped hundreds of companies and organizations improve diversity in their management and boards.
  • We are constantly working to expand our large network of the market's strongest leaders who are ready to make a difference, from both large companies and the growth arena.
  • We have helped over 100 companies recruit their first ever female CEO, CFO or board member.

The composition of the candidate pool matters

Did you know that 80% of all candidates presented by top recruitment agencies today are male and only 20% are female (on average)? With Wes, it’s the opposite.






Diversity in leadership increases profitability

A modern leadership, characterized by greater diversity in management teams and on executive boards creates better business advantages and profitability. Wes specializes in management, executive, and board recruitment with a focus on diversity and inclusion. We know how and where to find the absolute best leaders, a starting point that characterizes all our services and the way we work.

Our clients

Wes works with clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. We also work across many different industries. Our clients include established medium to large companies, entrepreneurial companies in the tech and growth arena, but also several investment and venture capital companies. In every recruitment process we have carried out, the goal has been the same — to find the right person for the job.

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Wes Insights

Wes report "Leadership in the New Normal" about inclusion and leadership was launched in March 2021. The study shows that the Covid-19 pandemic places new demands on leadership and that organizations characterized by diversity have better conditions for managing crises and adjusting quickly.



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Pia-Lena Olofsson joins Resurs Holding’s Board of Directors

Wes is proud to have supported Resurs Holding in the recruitment of a new Board Member. Pia-Lena Olofsson has vast experience in managing finance and accounting divisions as well as regulatory policy from, among other, Catena Media, Collector Bank and B...
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New CMO and CSO at Fundler

Wes is proud to have supported the digital investment service company Fundler in the recruitment of a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Sales Officer (CSO). Marie Beck joined Fundler in mid-August as the new CSO. Marie most recently served...
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Regina Sipos new Chair of the Board at Peafowl Plasmonics

Wes is proud to have supported Peafowl Plasmonics in the recruitment of a new Chair of the Board. Regina Sipos was appointed as new Chairperson at Peafowl Plasmonics' general meeting, taking on an active role to lead the work of the board and also ext...