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A more modern and diverse leadership is key for companies and organizations to strengthen their competitive edge. Wes includes all of the expertise available on the market in each recruitment process — with an additional focus on women and diversity. We know how and where to find the very best leaders, and this approach characterizes all of our services and the way we work.


Management & Executive Recruitment

Wes are experts at executive recruitment. We recruit leaders to middle management, senior management, and executive roles. Our team of consultants and researchers have extensive experience in recruiting top talent and leaders to both private and public sectors and across industries. For each assignment, we carry out a thorough search and identify all of the expertise that the market has to offer. 

Board Recruitment

Few companies and organizations achieve the ambition of a diverse or gender balanced board. The most common argument being that there is a lack of competence available. Wes knows the skills and expertise very much exists, and we know how to find it. We apply our executive search process to board recruitments as well, identifying and presenting the best candidates for the mission.

Interim Recruitment

Interim recruitment provides a great deal of flexibility if you quickly need to acquire the right skills for a limited period of time. Wes offers effective interim solutions and regularly places interim consultants with our clients and in a wide range of industries.

Second Opinion

If you have already carried out a recruitment process and need help assessing your final selection, we can assist by providing a second opinion. Through in-depth interviews, tests, and reference checks, we will efficiently guarantee the quality of your recruitment or internal promotion process.

Workshops & Lectures

We regularly give presentations to management teams, boards, or as part of larger trainings and conferences. Based on our expertise, experience, and research (both our own and others’), we offer insights and recommendations on how to attract and keep top talent, the value of diversity and inclusion, and how it relates to good business and profitability. We can also develop or contribute to workshops. We tailor the workshops and lectures to meet the client’s needs and circumstances.

Consulting & Coaching

We offer leadership and management development coaching for both individuals and companies. We also serve as advisors in all types of HR-related issues and consult clients on matters relating to recruitment, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion. Together, we tailor content and themes based on each client’s specific wishes and needs. 


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