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The Recruitment Paradox — The Importance of Diversity for Tomorrow’s Skills Supply

There is too narrow a picture of what skills and competencies look like and where to find them, both in the business world and in the public sector. This leads to a heightened notion that it is difficult to find the right skills, according to "The Recruitment Paradox – The Importance of Diversity for Tomorrow’s Skills Supply" (2023), the most recent Wes Insights report. Rethinking and broadening how competencies and experiences are perceived, looking outside one's own industry, and better harnessing the value of transferable skills are effective ways to rectify the situation. 

The report is based on a survey answered by over 800 senior managers and leaders in the private and public sectors. It concludes that the business world is stuck in a recruitment paradox. Far too many companies do not take advantage of all of the available talent, skills, and potential. Despite having insight into the problems and the opportunities for resolve, companies and organizations choose not to use the available solutions. The report offers five recommendations to leadership on how to rectify the situation.


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Leadership in the new normal

The report Leadership in the New Normal (2021) clearly shows that the pandemic has placed new demands on leadership and that female leaders are currently better equipped at managing them. At the same time, there is a growing awareness that organizations characterized by diversity are better equipped at dealing with rapid change and the challenges we face. The conclusions show that the conditions for building more inclusive and equal companies have improved, but also add new answers to how companies and organizations can act to develop their leadership and increase diversity. The report provides statistics and insights that can serve as a basis for strategic decision-making and guide organizations and companies in their efforts to attract top talent on which to build their future organizations.

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Stjärnkraft - Wes Insights 2018


The report "Stjärnkraft" (2014) is a study based on the experiences of more than 2,000 female leaders from a range of industries and senior management levels. Among other things, the report sheds light on what makes female leaders choose or not choose an employer, what is most important to them in their leadership, and how they view career development. The findings are thought-provoking and dispel many myths about leadership and diversity, providing inspiration for and tangible recommendations on what companies and organizations can do to improve their abilities to recruit and retain 100% of the competence base. The report was produced by Wes and Kairos Future. 

 The report is available in Swedish here

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