Breaking the norms in a traditional industry.

At Wes we have recruited more than 700 leaders into new managerial positions and executive board appointments, 80% of them have been women. A better balance between male and female leaders means more profitability. Which is why more and more companies are consciously working to increase the proportion of women in managerial roles. Nevertheless, 80% of candidates presented by the executive recruitment companies in Sweden today are still men.

Wes recruits the very best candidates for executive, middle management, and board level appointments and specializes in identifying and including the market’s best female leaders in every recruitment process. This has made us Sweden’s fastest growing executive recruitment company. In 2017 Wes expanded to Norway and Denmark.

A broader perspective

Wes is going against the grain in the executive recruitment industry by looking at all of the skills available on the market; always identifying and including the best female leaders in every recruitment process.

Making a noticeable difference

Wes has helped roughly 40 companies and organisations appoint their first ever female CEO, CFO, or executive board member. We have also contributed to more than 70 companies and organisations improving the diversity of their management teams and executive boards. Not only that; we also have more than 12,000 female leaders in our network of candidates.

A new way of working

When looking for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, you cannot use yesterday’s methods. Which is why we have adopted an innovative recruitment process, where we look beyond the traditional networks when searching for and identifying potential candidates. This provides a far superior platform from which to find the right person for each individual appointment.

Our Vision

Wes’ vision is to actively increase diversity on the Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish markets.